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The 123rd Christmas Bird Count in Northern Canada

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The 123rd Christmas Bird Count went ahead in Northern Canada with nine counts in the Yukon Territory (YT), six in Northwest Territories (NT), and two in Nunavut (NU). 

Yukon led the way in species diversity with 36 species (plus four Count Week species) followed by Northwest Territories with 22 species (plus one Count Week species), and Nunavut reported two species, including the only confirmed Rock Ptarmigan for the region, which is also the highest count in Canada. Count Week species in the Yukon Territory were Sharp-tailed Grouse, Great Horned Owl, Northern Hawk Owl, and Northern Shrike. 

Whitehorse reported the highest number of Count Day species at 28, followed by Carcross (18 species) and Haines Junction (17 species). Of the four species of waterfowl reported, Mallard was the most abundant, followed by Common Goldeneye and single reports of American Wigeon and Common Merganser at Whitehorse. Bald Eagle led the way in terms of abundance in the raptor department and only one American Goshawk was reported at Whitehorse. 

Bohemian Waxwing was the most abundant species during the 123rd, followed by Common Raven. A Chipping Sparrow at Haines Junction was rare, and only the only Pine Siskins reported (6) were at Carcross.

Thanks to everyone who braved the northern temperatures to contribute to this program!


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