Lost Woods Whiskey Company is your premium, award-winning American Single Malt Whiskey working to support the outdoor experience and discussion of climate change.

Proud three year recipient of the DOUBLE GOLD AWARD AND 2023 PLATINUM AWARD


An Environmental Whiskey

Lost Woods was founded on a passion for bringing people together in the great outdoors.

That’s why we’re committed to giving back 1% of all sales to the natural environment- in hopes for continued gathering in places we love.

Origins in
The Great Lakes

Over 50,000 years ago, the retreating Laurentide ice sheet created the region known as The Great Lakes. Its rugged coastlines, pine forests, and open prairies offer incredible natural beauty.

Glacial activity also left behind pure waters and rich soils — ideal for the classic ingredients of single malt whiskey.

Lost Woods uses 100% Wisconsin malted barley and Minnesota’s long heralded water to produce a unique, accessible, and clean tasting spirit that is true to its birthplace.

Enjoyment +

Both whiskey and the outdoors are meant to be enjoyed with friends. Lost Woods was founded to encourage thoughtful discussions about the environment and climate change – things that matter to us and future generations.

If you are ready to discover new ideas, or just a great tasting whiskey, gather some friends to sip and talk about it. Enjoy responsibly.